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Initial Hump of Adoption

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the Physicians I was talking to about EHRs said that he joined a practice when they had already implemented EHR and rolled it out to everyone already.

He said that he was ready to quit the second day! He persisted and by the end of the first week, got so used to the system, would not go back to paper anytime soon!

That seems to be the problem. The initial hump of adoption!

I don’t blame physicians. If I have been doing my job for years and years one way and I were to change it overnight, I would be upset and ready to quit also! But Physicians see the expense, delay and the downstream problems associated with paper records, they don’t want to go back to the way it was!

Pen and paper are very easy to use, painless from day 1 and that’s probably the way they were taught for years and years. This is like changing horses in midstream. More like swapping a horse for an automobile. Both have horsepower and that’s probably where the comparisons stop!

It may be better for consultants and EHR vendors to describe this process honestly in the beginning rather than oversell the ease with which the transition will happen! I am sure Physicians readily see the downstream advantages and are ready for it but the initial hump of adoption may be the one that scares them!