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EHR Adoption is not like addressing the Year 2000 Problem!

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Some deadlines like the Year 2000 are not movable! Ready or not, here they come!

EHR Adoption and tthe current deadlines like 2010 and 2014 are all artificial deadlines. With just a bill they can be postponed again and again, till things like Meaningful Use, Certification of EHR Software are all worked out completely!

We have seen this movie before with the Sarbanes Oxley Act and Compliance with the act that is needed. The Act was passed in 2002 and a number of extensions for compliance were issued time and again!

I have a feeling that the longer we go with a lot of uncertainties about what meaningful use is or imprecision around how EHR packages will be certified, I am afraid that deadlines will be extended again and again!

I hope that this does not happen, but given past experiences with anything the Federal Government does on a scale that it is trying to do with the Stimulus Package and EHRs, it is very likely that deadlines get extended!

This can have a lot of profound consequences on a lot of companies and people. EHR companies may not see the same kind of rampup they would experience if the deadlines are not extended. In some sense, these are not deadlines but only announced dates. Nevertheless moving them could affect a lot of companies and people!

That way Year 2000 was better. You didn’t have a choice. It came whether you were read or not!