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Clinical Decision Support in EHRs

September 14, 2009 1 comment

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems seem to form a large part of the needs of EHR, a number of physicians seem to have a lot of use for it, but it does not seem to be big part of “Meaningful Use”, at least not yet!

Clinical-decision support gains attention at AMDIS – is an interesting article summarizing this situation. It appears that current Clinical Decision Support systems come in the form of articles released as Best Practice Guidelines or Evidence-Based Medicine articles that are peer reviewed and published. These help physicians help in their Diagnosis and Treatment Plan designs at the end of each visit.

It appears that in Hospitals, they would need actual proof of physicians having used these articles or Clinical Decision Support systems in the form of statistics.

Clinical Decision Support systems, especially, if they incorporate formal studies of treatment or process efficacies, can reduce medical errors and adverse drug events to a large extent. WHO found that if a simple 20 point surgery checklist is followed in every surgery, morbidities and mortalities are reduced drastically. 

Clinical Decision Support systems when combined with EHRs properly stand a very good chance of achieving the now seemingly elusive goal of moving healthcare more towards prevention and wellness rather than illness!