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Doctors in the Making may be more Tech Savvy than we think!

Doctors in the making may be more tech savvy than we think!

Here’s an interesting article about a survey they did among 1000 medical students. The findings are surprising!

Survey: Future docs view IT, mobility as critical


This survey found that a full 45% surveyed used the iPhone or iPodTouch and they were regularly using applications like Epocrates ,  an online application and a ready reference for drugs and diseases.  A large number of others who did not use these smartphones were planning to get one in the next year or so.

Bythe time these Medical Students finish their interships and start practicing, they will be clamoring for mobile versions of EHR, not just EHR!

Already many EHR vendors have made it easy to roll out EHR packages to Physician practices using local wireless communication and handheld tablets.  Working with a tied down computer like a desktop or a laptop with a wired network connection impdes the proper way of practice that Physicians prefer. With paper records, it is easy to face the patient, converse with them, and take notes at the same time.

With a tied down computer, it makes it awkward for physicians to turn back and forth between the patient and the computer. Sounds like a small thing, but heard that physicians really need to become comfortable with this kind of performing their work.

With wireless communication, tablets and always on connectivity to the internet, physicians that complete their education and training being comfortable with online applications like Epocrates are suddenly empowered to everyone’s benefit.

In the above article, it says that applications like Epocrates lets Interns consult the application instead of the attending physician. This may be very convenient and may provide more accurate information to Doctors in the making but as many Physicians like to say, “It may not teach them the Art of Medicine, only the Science!”.

The net net is that even as short as five years from now, we will have a crop of doctors that are much much more savvy with EHR, computing, online, wireless and handheld computing.

Many of our current stereotypes may already be outdated, only to be wrong even more in five years’ time, I am guessing!

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