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Physicians Use of EHRs – Tug-of-War Between The User Interface and Practice of Medicine

One of the big reasons that Physicians abandon the use of Electronic Health Records is the constant tug-of-war between Physicians’ need to practice medicine Vs getting things done quickly, efficiently and more importantly, completely for accurate billing.

 I loved reading Dr. Stephen R. Levinson’s book Practical EHR – Electronic Record Solutions for Compliance and Quality Care.  Dr. Levinson talks in detail about the various minor things that add up to large irritations on the part of Physicians while using EHR software and at the same time practice their medicine, looking the patient in the eye, asking questions and evaluating the responses!

It is sort of understandable! Before EHR packages, doctors used to talk to the patients without anything like a tablet PC or a desktop or a laptop coming in between them and the patient. This seems like a small thing but seems like a major irritant in EHR usability.  They used to take care of note taking and dictation after the patient visit is over or at the end of each day.

The new way of using an EHR package requires them to change fundamentally, their way of doing their job. That, and the fact that they have limited time for each patient places a lot of stress on the time they can realistically spend navigating the quirks and peculiarities of the EHR package they are implementing!

However, once they get used to the new way of doing things, they have gone over this learning curve and they are converts. One of the Physicians I talked to, had joined a medical practice after they had chosen an EHR package and completed its implementation also. He was ready to quict after two days! But he got used to this package after the third day and now would not do without the same package in other practices he visits!

Interesting tug-of-war between the User Interface and the Practice of Medicine!

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